Thursday, September 18, 2008


So I have been a little behind lately on posts. So here is a quick update. I was girl's camp director and we had a lot of fun. I will post some pics soon. That was in July followed by the Judd family reunion. We then tried to get everything together before school started. I had little luck with that and still have suitcases in my spare bedroom (they are empty though :) ). School started and all is great.

Darren - is taking 21 credit at UNLV this semester and should if all goes well graduate with his first bachelors degree in University Studies, Management and English. He will then keep going and get a second degree in Construction Management. He is still working for Perini and they are coming along on their project on the strip. It has been a great experience so far and he has learned a ton.

Christopher - started first grade and is enjoying his new school. We decided to start public school this year because private was TOO $$$$, you get what I mean. It has been an adjustment for all. Chris loves it because he has a lot less homework. I however have been a little worried. We are working on our behavior, he loves to be the class clown (I wonder where he gets that from... DAD). I am thinking of starting him in karate.

Jen - is teaching 8th grade BOYS health. Yes I said boys, it has been an adventure so far. I am actually co-teaching so in a day I teach almost 400 students with another teacher. It feels more like a college course. We have survived so far, I guess we will see. I am going to play in a women's volleyball league once a week. We have practices a couple of times and my joints are not loving the jumping, but it is a lot of fun.

Other than that everything is about the same. We are doing good and keeping VERY BUSY! I will post some more when I get time. Maybe in another month or so lol.